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Menzolit S.r.l. Is the largest plant of the Menzolit Group

and produces on 2 SMC and 3 BMC machines fully automated products for all kind

of industrial branches. Consistent automation from raw material metering

to system control guarantees the highest process reliability, stable quality

and traceability of crucial parameters. Some of the most important products are

materials for exterior body parts for cars and trucks, for mounting and

distribution cabinets, as well as for other lighting and electrotechnical

products. With an export share of more than 80%, Menzolit S.r.l. has customers

in more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia.



main development includes carbon fiber-based materials, other reduced-density

products and alternative base resins (epoxy, modified vinylesters, etc.). The

technical team, with many years of experience and a broad know-how for

formulations, accompanies customers from requirements analysis and feasibility

assessment to the product concept and tool design right up to serial process



  • Sheet moulding compound (SMC)
  • Bulk moulding compound (BMC)
  • Carbon SMC
  • High Performance Compound (HCP)


  • Automotive
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering industry
  • Energy
  • Industrial applications



Menzolit Ltd. Logo
Michael Polotzki, CEO Menzolit S.r.l.
Michael Polotzki, CEO Menzolit S.r.l.
Gianmarco Bianchi, CEO Menzolit S.r.l.
Gianmarco Bianchi, CEO Menzolit S.r.l.

Menzolit S.r.l.
Via Isonzo 39
22078 Turate (Como)

+39 02 967 15 1