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Menzolit S.r.l. develops and produces SMC, carbon SMC, and BMC compounds of the highest quality.

Together with their associated companies and their license partners in Turkey, India, and China, the engineers and technicians of Menzolit S.r.l. benefit from more than 60 years of experience in plastics.

Leading companies worldwide use fiber-glass reinforced polyester moulding compounds, replacing or respectively supplementing traditional materials due to their superior technical and economic properties, which are:

corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, durability, freedom of design, stability, weight, insulating properties, fire resistance, highest productivity, low costs, and many more.

As diverse as the application spectrum are the property profiles of our SMC and BMC moulding compounds developed together with our customers for each application.

Due to the outstanding electrical properties in combination with the exceptional durability of the Menzolit SMC and BMC, the company is able to cover a broad application range in the electrical engineering industry. The areas of application known best are cable terminal cabinets and luminaire housings for outdoor use, as well as casing technology, switches, and fuse strips. 

For the area of rail-bound vehicles, Menzolit is developing extremely fire-proof formulations approved for the use in particularly dangerous tunnel areas.


  • Sheet moulding compound (SMC)
  • Bulk moulding compound (BMC)
  • Carbon SMC and BMC


  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering industry
  • Energy
  • Household
  • Industrial applications
Menzolit Ltd. Logo
Michael Polotzki, CEO Menzolit S.r.l.
Michael Polotzki, CEO Menzolit S.r.l.
Gianmarco Bianchi, CEO Menzolit S.r.l.
Gianmarco Bianchi, CEO Menzolit S.r.l.

Menzolit S.r.l.
Via Isonzo 39
22078 Turate (Como)

+39 02 967 15 1